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Good Things Are happening! We are back.

Greek family feast is the new concept of "terpsy" restaurant.

On Sunday, February 20, 2022, "terpsy" is opening again interestingly refreshed, we are thrilled to announce.

At the beginning of the year, we decided that we needed to stop, take a breath, and think. The "new normal" of our life with COVID made us wonder if we could go on the same way we did before the pandemic broke out. Uncertainty is tremendous and not conducive to long and grand planning. So, we had to go back to our big "why" for answers.

Why did we open "terpsy"?

We did it because we love nurturing, connecting, belonging, sharing. And we very much enjoy expressing it by gathering people around our tables. We love to serve favorite dishes of our gastronomic culture, both traditional and modern, shaped by the influences it receives every day. Mediterranean cuisines, in general, are our great loves.

With this in mind, we believe that this is the proper time to revive our experience of the Greek feast. Gatherings of loved ones around a table, whether friends or family, for Sunday lunches, festive meals, or spontaneous meetings. During visits to grandparents or a favorite aunt in the village (like this one, in the middle of nowhere), we are among the lucky ones that have sat around their tables full of goodies prepared as an expression of welcoming with everything they were cultivating and breeding themselves.

With our personal touch, homemade Greek food has been our specialty from the beginning, and we will continue to do so. Local products and products of origin cooked to family recipes from all over Greece and the Mediterranean will be the background of both "terpsy's" menus. Since feast means sharing and variety, we decided to have two menus, a limited fixed one and a menu of special dishes. The last will change daily, depending on the season and our local (mainly) suppliers' production. Sustainability in our times is more relevant than ever. Both menus will be accessible at any time on this website and our social media accounts

We hope you will find this concept both intriguing and stimulating.

Ας a restaurant in a small village off the beaten path that promotes the feeling of eating at home among friends, we now have only 40 seats. So please give us a call when you plan to come. Let us know how many of you will be there and what time to expect you. Reservations gives us a chance to serve you better, and you don't risk having to travel a few miles for nothing.

Hope to see you soon!


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